I Have Nothing to Wear

Grimly staring into the walk-in closet full of clothes, how can this be possible? Jennifer L. Scott has the cure for this. The Ten-Item Wardrobe. Before you gasp in horror (only 10 measly pieces of raiment), relax. It really makes sense and it’s not as strict as it seems. I just finished reading her latest book, Polish your Poise with Madame Chic (she’s written two other books of which I’ve not read), where she mentions this is her most popular topic. Hmmmmm. There must be something to this, so read on.

Basically, you have ten core items: slacks, jeans, skirts, blouses/shirts, dresses. These are the foundation pieces you’ll wear regularly. You can increase that number to fifteen or twenty, if you feel you simply cannot do with only ten items. Go with core clothes that have “mix and match” potential and ones that aren’t too trendy or the latest fad, both which quickly become obsolete.

Then, to your core clothes, you add the extras: blazers, sweaters/cardigans, tank tops, t-shirts, scarves, camisoles, jewelry, shoes/boots, handbags, coats/jackets, hats, gloves, special occasion dresses. All these should jive with your core items. Note: you don’t need hundreds of these items either. Think “streamline.” Think “less is more.” Think “mix and match.”

Go ahead, begin now and with effrontery to create your Ten-Item Wardrobe. As you do, you’ll imbue and refine your style and image and you’ll have core and extra clothes you truly love and that look fabulous on you. And you’ll discard yourself of clothing clutter. And liberate yourself superfluous and redundant clothing. A win-win situation for you. I know this can seem too challenging, but give me a call if you need some help. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Nancy at Organized Luxury, professional organizer helping you downsize, declutter, organize, and tidy your belongings and your home




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